Taking care of you: Simtech's Managed Services

We manage your IT operation, so you don’t have to. Simtech’s Managed Services are a flexible set of services that ensure your IT operations run smoothly while you focus on your core business.

How we work

Our managed services are built around real-life use cases we have encountered while working on hundreds of assignments at various clients.  Our experts have earned their stripes over many years of solving problems across the entire IT lifecycle for clients in different domains and at different IT maturity levels. Over time, we have identified patterns across the challenges that are plaguing organizations and created  a managed service catalogue purpose-built to offer our knowledge and support in the most effective manner.


Implementing and operating platforms like Kubernetes and OpenShift can be challenging and overshadow benefits by not allowing the business to optimally leverage these technologies. Our professional services will collaborate with your teams and go beyond technology alone. We recognize the challenges and by understanding your objectives we unlock the potential of your platform. 

Managed OpenShift Service

With our tried and tested OpenShift container service you can rest assured that we will keep your container platform  running stable 24/7, either on-premise or in a (hybrid) cloud. 

Managed OpenShift Appliance

Our hyperconverged setup consisting of hardware and Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform, tuned to perfection and hosted in our redundant datacenters or on your premises.

DBaaS Private Cloud

Our DBaaS product is an end-to-end solution that brings public cloud capabilities to on-premise database environments. It is a fully integrated software platform that combines IaaS, automated database provisioning, and license compliance management. We offer a set of managed services  that ensure you get the most out of your DBaaS Private Cloud environment. You can safely focus on your core business while we take care of your database systems. Have a look at our dedicated website for more information.

DBaaS Managed

All the benefits of our DBaaS Core plan without any work on your side.  We take care of the platform so you only have to worry about your database workloads.

DBaaS Full

Complete database lifecycle coverage in one neat package. We handle all the heavy lifting, from platform to databases, letting you focus on your business.

IT as a Service

IT as a Service (ITaaS) is a proactive and integrated approach to the architecture, engineering, migration, management, and support of IT environments. Providing complete tailored infrastructure solutions for rapid innovations is our core competence. We have a broad knowledge about the technology, market and value of modern IT solutions and our operating model is based on working together with the customer and their business. We leverage our strong vendor relations to provide full service delivery, managed services and platform innovation support.

Architecture as a Service

An on-demand workforce of highly skilled architects, providing a scalable pool of architecture services that cover application, infrastructure, security and enterprise architecture.

Engineering as a Service

Build your solution with our engineering teams, driven by mutual agreed requirements.  You get a high quality, predictable end-result from engineers who have done the job before.

Migration as a Service

A low-stress, full-service approach to migrations.  With MaaS, Simtech’s migration experts handle your (container) migration from start to finish, letting you focus on your business. 

Ops as a Service

Have our specialists take care of your operations or extend your team with expertise or extra hands.

Patching as a Service

Our Oracle Engineered Systems Patching Service is designed to help you avoid known issues and security incidents.  We save your team valuable time and keep your environment updated to the latest patch levels through our proactive patching service. 

The Seven promises of
Simtech's Managed Services

24/7/365 Operations

Installation and upgrades

Incident handling

Security management

Performance management

Service management

Managed migrations

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Established in 2007, Simtech provides high-end IT consultancy services to larger organizations in the Netherlands and across Europe. We have a proven track record of providing innovative and award-winning solutions for our clients.

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