Oracle Engineered Systems
Patching Service

 Keeping your Oracle systems secure and updated should not be a hassle. We save your team valuable time and keep your environment updated to the latest patch levels through our proactive patching service. 

What we do

Applying security fixes and critical issue patches to your Oracle Engineered Systems is essential. It is also not something you should be spending your limited time on.

  • Determining which are the required patches and what components need patching can demand significant attention
  • Patches must be selected keeping in mind compatibility with your deployed applications
  • An unexpected incident during a patching cycle can quickly derail your progress and generate frustration

Our Oracle Engineered Systems Patching Service is designed to help you avoid known issues and security incidents.

  • Patching performed by certified engineers up to one time per quarter. 
  • Thorough research of the required patches and review of the end-to-end patching process with your team
  • Repeatable and reliable patching process derived from our deep knowledge of engineered systems
  • Predictable patching cycle, free of preventable incidents

Key Benefits

Lower operational expenses

Increased stability

Reduced risk

Supported Systems and Applied Patches

  • Exadata Database Machine​

    Quarterly Full Stack Download Patch
    Exadata Database Machine Critical Issues

  • Exalogic

    Exalogic PSU

  • Private Cloud Appliance

    PCA Release

  • Incremental Patch Components

    Oracle Virtual Machine
    ZFS Storage Appliance Racked System
    Oracle Database (RAC, non RAC)
    Oracle Database with SAP
    Oracle Database with E-Business Suite
    Oracle Grid Home
    Oracle Database Home

  • One-off or recurring patch deployment

  • Reliable and predictable deployment process

  • Certified engineers coordinated by an experienced project manager

Patching Process

 Our Oracle Engineered Systems experts tailor the patching process to match your schedule. The service is flexible, patches can be applied once, twice, or four times on a yearly basis. Depending on your needs, the service can be delivered on-site or remotely. We pair our technical team with an experienced project manager that works closely with you to ensure the patching cycle stays on track and communication is clear.

  • Inventory of the current patch level across all systems

  • Verification of the current patch level against the Oracle Knowledge base

  • Access and connectivity testing

  • Setting up of the planning and the runbook in consultation with the customer

  • Implementing the patches in a controlled test environment

  • Patching Oracle Engineered Systems machines

  • Generating and sharing a patching report

About Simtech

Established in 2007, Simtech provides high-end IT consultancy services to larger organizations in the Netherlands and across Europe. We have a proven track record of providing innovative and award-winning solutions for our clients and over a decade of design, implementation, and operational experience with Oracle Engineered Systems.