About Simtech Cloud Group

Simtech Cloud Group is an IT consultancy, managed services, and cloud solutions provider established in the Netherlands in 2007. Leveraging years of real-world experience, Simtech is continuously evolving its enterprise-ready private cloud technology stack.
Simtech provides consultancy, managed services, and cloud solutions to larger organizations in the Benelux and across Europe. Simtech’s international team consisting of system, application, and platform engineers is dedicated to providing high-quality tailored services, always with a personal touch.

The company is led by a team of experienced and highly qualified individuals who invest in ongoing training and development. The CEO, René Simoons, has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has worked with major companies like Siebel Systems, KPN, Oracle, Telco’s, Financials before founding Simtech Cloud Group.

The company’s mission is to create positive impact for customers and society as a whole by providing value through a systematic and thorough approach to work, a commitment to excellence, and teamwork. The core values of Simtech Cloud Group include integrity, impact, best people, client value, professionalism, and teamwork.

Simtech Cloud Group has partnerships with Oracle, Red Hat, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. The company has multiple members, including Simtech Cloud Consulting BV in the Netherlands, DBaaS Cloud by Simtech in the Netherlands, Simtech Cloud Services GMBH in Switzerland, and Simtech Cloud Services LLC in Romania.

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"At Simtech Cloud Consulting, we're passionate about delivering the best IT solutions to our high-value clients.
We're committed to providing innovative and best fit for purpose cloud solutions and services that meet their unique needs and challenges.
Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring exceptional customer service and providing our clients with the highest level of satisfaction.

Our mission is to become a leading cloud consultancy and service provider, known for our expertise, innovation, and exceptional customer service."

René Simoons - CEO Simtech Group