IT transformation is a balancing act​

We help you build a sound, efficient, and secure foundation to support your innovation efforts. By understanding your objectives, we can increase the effectiveness of your organization. 

We increase operational efficiency through automation and assist clients in controlling their total cost of ownership (TCO) through a wide range of consulting services.

What we do

Delivering stable and consistent IT is one of the top priorities globally for digital enterprises, along with improving business processes and increasing operational efficiency. The transition to a digital economy has resulted in companies building increasingly complex IT environments. IT is now an inextricable part of modern businesses and any instability can significantly impact a company’s core business as well as its innovation initiatives.

We partner with you to ensure the foundation of your IT is rock solid so you can focus on your continued success in the digital age. 

Often, CIOs and teams are dependent on vendor propositions to reduce their costs to achieve their in-year cost reduction target.  This approach yields diminishing returns and can often result in higher costs down the road. Most companies can increase operational efficiency by reorganizing what they already have, without additional investment. The savings gained through this optimization process can be directed to other crucial areas, while maintaining the same budget.

We partner with you to optimize your TCO and maximize the ROI on your IT investment.

Optimization Services

Architecture Assessment

Comprehensive architectural review that will highlight any flaws in terms of design, performance, cost, and security.

IT & Cloud Cost Management

Don't let your spend get out of control. We can get you visibility into your spending and help you shave off unnecessary costs.

Performance Tuning

A thorough analysis and tuning of your infrastructure's performance to help you get the most out of  your IT.

Infrastructure Automation

Automation is a top priority for all digital leaders due to the massive benefits it brings in term of security, reliability, and velocity. We leverage best practices to automate all your routine tasks.

License & Asset Management

Enterprises often experience difficulties keeping track of their licenses and assets and end up with suboptimal licensing plans. We can optimize the usage and visibility of your licenses and assets.

Security and Compliance

You don't want to be that company that makes the headlines after a security breach or compliance issue. We can ensure that you only get into the spotlight for the right things.

Business Strategy and Alignment

Our specialists can help you get a better overview of your strategy and can streamline your business processes.


Our specialists will gladly share their expertise with your employees  through dedicated trainings and workshops.

IT Optimization Checklist

As more and more enterprises undergo digital transformation to stay ahead of the competition, IT spend is rapidly increasing and has now become one of the largest budget line items in organizations today. According to Gartner, 62% of CIOs believe they lack adequate transparency of IT costs, contributions, and performance, and 74% of IT organizations are unable to define their IT services and their associated business value. 

Through our IT Optimization Checklist, we can help you gain visibility and control over your IT cost and performance.

  • Define cost and performance objectives

    Our team of specialists will meet with you to get a clear understanding of your expectations in terms of both cost and perfomance. Together we will define a plan that ensures you will meet your targets.

  • Evaluate your IT environment

    We will perform a comprehensive architectural and implementation review and highlight any flaws and potential points of improvement in terms of design, performance, cost, and security.

  • Optimize your IT environment

    Through a mix of automation, performance tuning, and security and compliance checks, we will help you maximize the output of your IT and gain an edge over your competitors.

  • Minimize your TCO

    While IT spend is rapidly increasing, many enterprises are still unaware of where that spend is going, what value is it bringing to the business, and how is it linked to the services delivered. We will help you get on top of your IT-related costs and optimize the usage of your licenses and assets.

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At Simtech, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to our clients. We combine our expertise in cloud infrastructure, IT consultancy, and managed services to help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals. Our team of highly-skilled professionals has years of real-world experience and is committed to providing personalized services that are tailored to each client’s unique needs. We take pride in delivering enterprise-grade private cloud solutions that enable our clients to securely manage their infrastructure with ease. With Simtech, businesses can trust that they are receiving the highest level of service and expertise.

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