Software Asset Management Services

Get in control of your IT assets and eliminate risks stemming from your vendor contracts. 

We help you implement a strong SAM program at your own pace so that you gain the visibility you need to stay compliant and reduce your TCO.

TCO Reduction

How to Recognize Your Software Asset Management Is Not Optimal

Lack of visibility into your software assets and insufficient internal SAM expertise lead to significant problems.

  • Significant amounts of money are wasted on non-compliance fines

  • Lack of total consistent overview of your IT landscape

  • Diminished strategic infrastructure planning capabilities

  • Preparing for a vendor audit is time-consuming and prone to errors

  • Negotiating a better deal with vendors is difficult

  • The opportunity to optimize your software assets is lost

  • Acquisitions and divestments are fraught with vendor contractual risks

  • Shadow IT becomes an issue

Imagine you have timely, user friendly, trustworthy, and company-wide integrated IT asset data that informs you instantly about the development, operational, and support costs for all IT asset details, including the “who, what, where, when, how and why”.

IT Benefits

  • Prevent interruption of operations

  • Prevent unsupportable operations

  • Limit repeated ICT problems

  • Limit the firefighting of ICT support

  • Limit excessive delays in implementing new functionality

Procurement Benefits

  • Detailed financials on spend and budgets 

  • Transparent internal and external cross charging


  • Negotiation power

  • TCO reduction

  • Simplified vendor audits

  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • IT Cost Control

  • IT as Strategic Enabler

We have been there.

Our core team of software asset management experts have faced the same challenges in their previous positions as procurement managers and software asset managers at large organizations. 

With time and experience, we built a clear and resilient model for implementing SAM at our customers.

In the past few years, Simtech achieved over 50M in savings for our customers

  • Extensive experience with software asset management implementations in large scale corporate environments

  • We delivered IT Asset due diligence and optimizations for clients in the telco, banking, ISV, pension, and public markets

  • Multiple integration and alignment engagements of IT Asset Management and IT Architecture

  • We conducted vendor negotiations on behalf of customers with solely beneficial results (e.g., avoiding costs, optimizing contracts)

  • We prepared many customers with successful vendor exit strategies

  • Our architecture team has provided many solutions to avoid license costs due to out of compliance cases

  • Assisted with high-value corporate procurement and deal negotiations

Your Plan for Getting in Control of Your Software Assets

1. Contact Us

Schedule a call with us to discuss the issues you are facing. Our team of specialists will meet with you to get a clear understanding of your needs and expectations. 

2. Follow our proven method

We will take you through a current state assessment, followed by a future state/horizon design, then a gap assessment & roadmap, and finally a detailed design and implementation.

3. Get in control

With a strong SAM program in place, you can now make clear decisions, eliminate risks, and optimize your TCO. You have complete visibility over your software estate.

Choose What Suits You: SAM as a Service

Our SAM offering is modular, allowing you to get the level of software asset management support you require at any point in time. We built it this way so you can implement SAM at your own pace and to your desired maturity level.

Simtech’s SAM model can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, with a wide range of software asset management consulting services and products, such as optimization of existing licensing agreements, ITAM tooling implementation and optimization, SAM and procurement strategy, and process and technology training.

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